How to Use Psiphon APK

It is assumed that the readers of this post are well-aware with the term Psiphon. Psiphon and Psiphon 3 are the fantastic application providing you the internet security and tasting access beyond boundaries. The need of Psiphon is strongly needed when you are living in a country where several of the sites are blocked or banned, then Psiphon is the best useful app for you to download. Our purpose to design this post is to aware our Psiphon users about how to use Psiphon.

Psiphon can be used on platforms like Android and Windows. The very common question coming in the mind of internet users that what does Psiphon do make the browsing and internet activities secure. Psiphon Proxy settings need to be managed for using Psiphon advance. Psiphon settings for android is for free and provides secure VPN application for Android. The internet is the hub where the whole world shrinks into one place.

That is the reason that many of the websites are blocked either due to censorship or any other such reason but Psiphon pro will connect you to all those websites that are blocked or inaccessible or available for restricted use only. Psiphon is the kind of alternate VPN that assist you in safe and secure browsing and surfing. It is to be noted here that Psiphon is a type of browser in itself or network that connects you to the open source Wi-Fi safely.

Psiphon APK & Psiphon 3

You will be able to connect to any site by modifying your location with Psiphon 3. The latest version of Psiphon 3 and Psiphon pro, that gives you certain added benefits over the normal Psiphon version. Psiphon download allows you to move freely on the internet and lets you surf almost anything over the internet. Psiphon advance working mechanism is very simple to understand and do not require professional skills to execute it. Psiphon download has the ability to display your internet traffic.

Download Psiphon APK & Psiphon 3

how to use Psiphon APK


So if you like to enjoy the free internet or public Wi-Fi then, Psiphon is the application designed for you. In this post, we will let you know how to use Psiphon 3, how Psiphon works and how to use Psiphon on PC.

How to Use Psiphon on PC

Only downloading and installing the app is not enough. You need to dig into detail about how Psiphon works. For this we have drafted this post to the server you the ready material on it. There are different modes available in the app by which users can either set their whole browser or just their VPN mode by which they decide whether to avail the services for whole browser or only those websites which they want to access.

Since downloading and installation of Psiphon is easy but how to use Psiphon involves certain technical specifications and terms. If you are from the technical field or having a good hand on computer software, then it will be very easy and simple for you. So the users are requested to read the below steps that will tell you how to use Psiphon on PC.

The very first thing for install and use Psiphon, you need to download it. We have a separate guide for you to download Psiphon for PC. You are suggested to refer that for the better and clear understanding. You may also download Psiphon from the developer’s official website or be checking it on the Google play store. Make sure that your PC or laptop has required the android emulator to download android applications. Once you have successfully downloaded the Psiphon on your PC, then follow the below steps carefully to use Psiphon.

Here we go –

  • Download Psiphon 3 as directed above.
  • Launch the application when the download completes.
  • Upon launching the application, it will automatically connect to a country near you that doesn’t have any type of restriction. This has been done with the help of VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxy technologies.
  • If you want to connect to any of the provided countries for a specific reason or you simply want your IP address to look like you live in the selected country, then you can easily select it from the available list. To do so click on the “up arrow” icon shown in the app.
  • There are several settings that you can modify, such as choosing the program which country to connect automatically at the launch of Psiphon, minimizing it to the system tray after opening it, preventing the use of proxies for the websites from your own country, as they are most certainly not blocked, or choosing specific ports that are used by local applications. All these can be changed by clicking on the “Settings” option from the displayed menu.

You are now connected with the Psiphon VPN and can try it to access any website which is blocked.

How to Use Psiphon for Android Phone

Downloading and installation of Psiphon is as simple as it is for PC. You may refer our related post upon downloading the guide for Psiphon apk for this purpose.

Just like Windows system, you should first download and install Psiphon pro. You can either approach the Google Play store or directly download the apk file from the developer’s website.

Post downloading to Psiphon, read the below steps –

  • After the downloading process is complete, launch the program, and it will automatically start connecting to the fastest available server near you.
  • If your Android device is rooted or if your device operating system’s version is later than 4.0, you can set Psiphon to tunnel the whole device and remove the restrictions for any app that you might have installed on your phone or tablet, including your default web browser.
  • Alternatively, after successfully connecting to a server, you are given the possibility to launch Psiphon’s own browser and access restricted web pages in an instant.
  • Psiphon will automatically connect to the fastest available server, but, if you want to manually choose a certain specific country from the available list, simply tap on the “Select region” link and choose the desired location.
  • Apart from this, Psiphon will show you several statistics that you can check, such as the duration of your current connection and the amount of data transferred. You can access the log file at any time you wish to.

This is how you can use Psiphon on your android phone or tablet device. It is very simple and easy.

Reading above article, you can conclude that how to use Psiphon on your PC and Android phone or tab. To use Psiphon what you all need to do is to alter the Psiphon settings for Android. By this way, you can use Psiphon according to your desired way. We have planned to write for our internet users about how to use Psiphon 3 or what does Psiphon does so that using Psiphon become convenient and easy. Internet security and privacy may seem a huge technical task but it is not that difficult. It is just like any other application. Along with the answer for how to use Psiphon on PC, we have also try to make it clear that what is Psiphon with this post.


Psiphon not only unblocks different websites but also adds up a layer of extra protection when using the open Wifi network services. Psiphon advance also keeps an account of the data traffic of the user and provides users with the statistics for how much data traffic they have been using so users do not need reminders to keep a track of their data usage as Psiphon pro already does it for them. Psiphon is often regarded as the best tool app for accessing the open internet. Users just have to use Psiphon 3 and then they can open any blocked app in their country like entertainment websites and many other social websites as well.

There is an age factor also in Psiphon which allows its users to avoid seeing the unwanted stuff in the app. Ads are always annoying at times when you need to go quick but ads pop-ups interrupt your work but now with Psiphon, no worries. There is no advertisement in the app which is a great relief for the users and it secures their connections as well. This application originally has made for the Android mobile platform but it can be pretty useful for PC users as well. We will let you know how to use Psiphon for PC that helps you to unblock all the sites in your area. It is a great tool for productivity and it will surely help you in many things.

We wish that we have been successful in our attempt to bring the relevant stuff for what you are hunting for. If you have any additional question or query or you like to suggest us for any area of improvement, feel free to comment us in the below box. We will look forward to it positively.

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